Corporate Sponsorship

Our ambition for 2017 is to continue to strengthen Rock Against Violence and to raise £40,000 for Solace Women’s Aid. The funds we procure through this flagship event help to support Solace’s main objectives: To raise awareness for the charity and raise essential funds needed to continue the charity’s vital services.

Achieving our goal means we will, in part, rely on the generosity and goodwill of those willing to fundraise for, and donate to, our event. Corporate Sponsorship forms an essential part of this. The table below gives an idea of just how far a donation can go.

£1,000 Buys basic personal items for 40 women and children who arrive at our refuges with nothing of their own.
£4,000 Provides childcare in our refuges throughout the year, to enable mothers affected by domestic violence to access vital support services, such as advocacy and counselling.
£10,000 Trains 4 members of staff as ‘Independent Domestic Violence Advocates’ (IDVA), so they can help ensure women are safe and get the support they need.
£40,000 Could underpin Solace’s infrastructure, to help us meet the current unprecedented increase in demand for our services. It could cover the costs of our counselling services for 65  women, helping them to recover from domestic and sexual abuse

Funding Options

Option 1: Corporate Sponsorship Pack

• 4 tickets to RAV 2017
• 4 special edition T-shirts
• 4 free drink tickets
• Logo on sponsor webpage section – Bronze
• Thanks mentioned on the night
• 6 tickets to RAV 2017
• 6 special edition T-shirts
• 6 free drink tickets
• Logo on sponsor webpage section – Silver
• Logo appears on rolling screen during event
• Thanks mentioned on night
• 8 tickets to RAV 2017
• 8 special edition T-shirts
• 8 free drink tickets
• Logo to appear on t-shirt*
• Logo on sponsor webpage section – Gold
• Logo appears on rolling screen during event
• Larger logo than other sponsors
• Logo appears on all PR & Marketing material
• Link to website and social media site shared
• Thanks mentioned on night

* This will be subject to purchase before October to allow enough time for printing of the t-shirts

Option 2: Other ways you can donate

Financial donation • Hire of the O2 Academy (£1,600)
• Print costs (£1,000) T-shirts (designed by the children of Solace’s services)
• Promotional video (£3,000)
Charity raffle • Your products or services (if applicable) to be auctioned / and or part of the charity raffle
Matched funding • Promote fundraising for the event and match fund monies raised.

Your support to Solace Women’s Aid and Rock Against Violence would help enormously in reaching its objectives but would also result in benefits for the company too.


Depending on the type of support your company might want to give, the charity will promote their logo – at a minimum’ on the Solace Women’s Aid and Rock Against Violence website, and on promotional screens during the night as well as regular mentions of your company on social media including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Staff engagement & CSR

As we all know supporting charities has a positive impact on employee engagement. 53 percent of workers said that “a job where I can make an impact” was important to their happiness, and 72 percent of students about to enter the workforce agreed” (Source: Forbes) .Volunteering opportunities would be open to your employees to volunteer for Solace Women’s Aid. Volunteer opportunities can visit a/or volunteer for a Solace project. It can include talks from expert members of the Solace team raising awareness and advising on elements of domestic and sexual violence. Talks and speeches from the CEO, Mary Mason can be arranged.

Your support for Solace Women’s Aid and its flagship event Rock Against Violence 2017 in any form is much appreciated.

Contact us at [email protected] to find out more.